2023 is the Czech O-year

The international orienteering calendar in the Czech Republic is a bit stuffed this year. WMTBOC is not the only OC that is happening here. Competitors in all the O-disciplines will take turns in the Czech terrains this summer.

Elite runners are going to meet in Česká Lípa shortly before WMTBOC between 2th and 6tn August to compete in the second round of the world cup. Before that the elite Trail-O competitors are going to fight for the World champion titles in Zákupy between 1st and 7th July. And that’s not all. Interesting enough is the fact, that all the events are going to be held in the north-eastern part of the Czech Republic.

Orienteering World cup

Sandstone rocks are one of the favorite Czech attractions for orienteerers from all over the world. Dozens international orienteering events were held in the most attractive area of Czech Paradise. Sandstones just never get old. Even this time the organizers of the second round of World cup picked a sandstone area. They just moved a bit west to use terrains that are less known. So, if you want to spend more time in the north of the Czech Republic, come a bit earlier before WMTBOC and you can not only cheer up the best O-runners but also run in the same terrains as them. The program starts on 2nd August with a sprint distance in Česká Lípa, sprint relays are going to be in the same town the day after. On 5th August, the whole event moves to Ždírec where the forest disciplines will take place. First the middle distance and then the long distance on 6th August. 

A week full of emotions, epic battles, maximal speed, complete concentration, and hot pace - all that promises the World Cup teaser.

Public races will be held within the Czech O-tour series. There are going to be: Sprint distance (3.8.) in Česká Lípa, middle distance (4.8.) in Nedamov, long distance (5.8.) in Ždírec, and middle distance (6.8.) in Ždírec. 

You can get all the information you need on www.wcup.cz and www.O-tour.cz

The World Championships in Trail-O

The very first world champion titles this year will be given at the beginning of July. After 15 years the Trail-O world championships are coming back to the Czech Republic. The event center is going to be in Zákupy, not far away from the Wcup competitions area. However, the events will take competitors to many different places around the north of the Czech Republic. The program includes preO in Zaječí důl (3.7.), preO in Všemily (4.7.), relays in Spálený Vrch (5.7.), and TempO in Sosnová (6.7.). Public events are going to be held on 4th and 6th July. 

Right after the WTOC, 20 km far from Zákupy, Pilsen MTBO 5 days in Doksy starts, So there is no problem cheering the trailO champions before the official MTBO training camp starts.

You can find all the information about WTOC at www.wtoc2023.cz 

We are still not done here

There are some more orienteering disciplines, even though not under the IOF, that are having their championships in the Czech Republic. Runners of Amateur Radio Direction Finding are having their world championships in Liberec. The program starts right after WMTBOC on the 27. 8. to 2. 9. Competitors are going to enjoy all of the most beautiful terrains of this area. Website of the event: https://ardf2023.cz

And one more orienteering championships event is going to happen in our hood. And that’s the underwater orienteering European Championships in Jablonec nad Nisou from 12th to 20th August. 

Well, those who would like to catch some major international orienteering events this year, book your summer in the Czech Republic!

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