Get ready! Registrations for public races are available now

It is here! Registrations for the public races in Jičín and Nová Paka at the MTBO World Championship 2023 have been launched.

Join the public in the streets of Jičín - sprint, 20.8. 2023, Sunday afternoon, after the main race. INFORMATION and APPLICATIONS HERE

Join for the public in Nová Paka - middle, 26.8. 2023, Saturday afternoon, after the relay race. INFORMATION and APPLICATIONS HERE.

Try MTBO - a sport combining cycling and orientation in unknown terrain on world championship tracks! All you need is a mountain bike and a helmet. We are happy to lend you other essentials such as a map holder, in which you can put the map so that it does not crumple in your pocket, and a chip (SI card) in which the passage through all the controls is recorded.

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