How the right water can contribute to better performance

Most athletes have one thing in common – to constantly improve and improve. However, how well we do depends on many factors: our body constitution, genes, training, health, and of course our diet, where water choices can play a part. 

Studies show that some components of water can contribute to improving sports performance.

In addition to hydration, mineral waters primarily provide important minerals such as magnesium, sodium and other substances that are calorie-free and can help get you back in shape. Therefore, if you want to remain efficient, you should always be optimally supplied with fluids and minerals.

Bicarbonate for better performance

Bicarbonate has been known since the 1930s to enhance performance in endurance sports, martial arts, cycling and other high-intensity exercise. The benefits are also confirmed by the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Exactly how bicarbonate works is not yet fully known. One explanation is that it can neutralize exercise-produced acids that contribute significantly to muscle fatigue, allowing muscles to perform longer. An example of natural mineral water rich in hydrocarbons is Vratislavická kyselka, which provides 1,470 mg per liter.

Magnesium for muscle growth

The most important mineral for muscles is magnesium. Without magnesium, we wouldn't be able to move even the smallest muscle. Among other things, this mineral is needed to transmit the impulse to muscle work. Furthermore, magnesium promotes muscle relaxation by ensuring that less calcium is released from the muscle. E.g. Vratislavická kyselka provides 34.8 mg per liter.

Sodium is a water carrier

A significant amount of sodium is lost through sweat. However, a lack of sodium can cause fatigue and reduce performance. Studies in athletes have shown that the balance can be rebalanced more quickly and effectively with fluids that contain sodium because it binds water well. The body then recovers better and you can get fit faster. The minimum daily intake of sodium for an adult is 500 mg. Our popular Vratislavická kyselka contains 283 mg per liter.

Get to know probably the best mineral water in the Czech Republic

As you can see, mineral waters are a good choice not only for quenching thirst, but also as a source of health-promoting substances for active people and professional athletes. If you are looking for the right one, we have a clear recommendation – Vratislavická kyselka, which is moderately mineralized and contains only natural CO2. It is a naturally sparkling mineral water with an exceptionally high silicon content. You can enjoy it both pure natural or with traditional lemon and orange flavors that contain real fruit juice.

Vratislavická kyselka is extracted from depths greater than 200 m. No plastics are used during extraction and filling, but exclusively stainless steel technology. The Kitl company returned traditional mineral water in glass bottles to the market in 2022. You can find more information here.

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