Pavel Musil, the WMTBOC director: to address the mayor has been the best choice

In his youth he was good at orienteering, he represented Jičín and the Czech Republic at youth events, as an adult he stuck to MTBO. Now he is the director of the World MTBO Championship, which will take place from August 20, 2023 in Jičín and its surroundings.

Was Jičín a clear choice for you as the capital of the MTBO World Championship?

Not originally. I dreamed that the sprint race must be a blast, so I looked for attractive terrain, which I found in Mladá Boleslav. But then I realized that I love Jičín and I want to hold the biggest sports event in the history of the city right here. So I went to the mayor of Jičín. And it was the best decision, because the Town hall in Jičín cares and helps us as much as possible, for which we owe our representatives a huge "thank you". Jičín was then a clear choice as a natural center in the vicinity of which all the federations will be housed and, above all, the opening, closing and medal ceremonies will take place here.

The Czechs are one of the best in MTBO in the world. Do you believe that the Czech national anthem will also be played during the announcement?

We have a lot of quality competitors. So yes, I believe they will use their home terrain and succeed in every race.

What is already prepared for the August championship? 

We have set racing spaces in Jičín, Nová Paka, Mostek and Jabkenice. Championship races will be held there. Websites including newsletters are a matter of course. A live broadcast of the sprint race is currently being prepared on ČT Sport (Czech public TV broadcaster) and all the details are being finalized.

Did you manage to get the support of partners and sponsors?

No one really rushes into supporting small sports, and that's why we are incredibly grateful for the partners we have and we value them over the moon. However, without the support of the city, regions and the state, this event cannot be organized.

What can fans look forward to in the arenas? Will it be possible to complete a race in the footsteps of the world champions?

I would like to invite the fans mainly to the arena in Jičín and also to Nová Paka. I believe that the whole family will find fun there. We also plan public races in these cities. The one in Jičín will only be in the early evening, starting at approximately 5 p.m.

What are you personally most looking forward to?

I am looking forward to the event in Jičín. Competitively and organizationally at a top level. Czechs are among the best in organizing races in any branch of orienteering sports, and our organizing team wants to confirm that.

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