Thank you, partners - part 1

Dear athletes and fans of the Mountain Bike Orienteering World Championships 2023, in the first of a series of articles, allow us to introduce you to the partners of the event and thank them for their generous support.

 The city of Jičín is one of the gateways to the Bohemian Paradise, Duke Albrecht of Valdštejn wanted to build his residential city here, and generations of children (and adults) know it above all as a fairytale setting. The story of the cobbler Rumcajs takes place here, but also the story of Kuba and Stázina, for whose red skirt the cobblers waged war. Every year at the beginning of September, fans of the " Jičín, the city of fairy tales" festival descend on the city, and tens of thousands of others come for the pleasant atmosphere, to visit the nearby Prachovský skály or to discover how varied and tasty Jičín's gastronomic scene is. Last but not least, Jičín is a city of sports: champions of the Czech Republic and the world in all possible sports come from here. We are therefore grateful for the friendliness with which the City Council and the Mayor welcomed the MTBO World Championship.

 The Hradec Králové Region is a region unique in its location, which stretches from the Labe lowlands to the highest peaks of the Czech Republic. It can be proud of rock formations, castles and chateaux, and other cultural and architectural attractions. Right at the beginning of 2023, this region showed that it is a fan of sports and was able to host a huge multi-sport event - the Winter Olympics for children and youth. The icing on the cake was that the promising athletes who represented this region also won the overall victory - i.e. the largest number of medals.

 EY is a leading global provider of professional advisory services in audit, tax, transaction and corporate advisory. Its deep knowledge of the issues and the high quality of the services it provides contribute to strengthening confidence in capital markets and economies around the world. Exceptional human and professional potential enables it to play a significant role in creating a better functioning world both for its employees and clients, as well as for the wider society. We believe that the future lies in sustainability. This also applies to orienteering sports, which have sustainability directly in their DNA: they do not need special arenas for their races, on the contrary, they use already existing sports grounds and their facilities, free nature or urban environments.

 The Bernard family brewery successfully continued the long tradition of brewing beer in Humpolec and made its way to the hearts of not only Czech beer lovers. The brewery follows its own path, which it believes in and which is successful. Just like orienteering athletes who follow their own path in unknown terrain using a map, compass, own experience and abilities. A path that will lead them closer to victory.

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