Thank you, partners - part 2

Dear athletes and fans of the Mountain Bike Orienteering World Championships 2023, in this second of a series of articles, allow us to introduce you to some more partners of the event and let us thank them for their generous support.

 The Central Bohemian Region (Středočeský kraj) surrounds the capital city of Prague like a wreath and is the largest region in the Czech Republic in terms of population. It is also an area with high map coverage for orienteering. In this region the village of Jabkenice lays, where one of the most important Czech composers of classical music, Bedřich Smetana, spent the last years of his life and work, and where an attractive mass start race will take place.

 The town of Nová Paka is the last island of the Bohemian Paradise and the gateway to the Krkonoše Mountains. Nová Paka is also a city of many faces: this year, for example, it once again defended the title of the best "City for Business" in the Hradec Králové Region. In the vicinity of Nová Paka, the history of the Earth has been imprinted in the form of significant deposits of semi-precious stones. And among other things, one of the craziest Czech athletes today - extreme cyclist Dan Polman - comes from here. We appreciate that the city also welcomes cyclists with maps.

 The town of Pecka is located in the rugged landscape of Podkrkonoší in the northeastern part of the Jičín district in the Hradec Králové region. Towering over the town is the Pecka (= fruit stone) Castle, which according to a legend was created at the same time as the Kost (= bone) Castle, when a powerful witch snatched a fruit stone and a bone from the hands of her ungrateful helpers during dinner and threw them far away. The exit to the castle gate is a challenge for many cyclists. Will it be a challenge even for MTBO champions?

 Kitl is a company from the foothills of the Jizera Mountains producing and supplying the market with famous syrups for homemade lemonades. The company recently purchased and re-opened the premises of the traditional Vratislavická kyselka. For many, a risky move (with a delicious result), showed that self-belief is important in business. Just like in sports. Hopefully, Kitl will give healthy self-confidence not only to the Czech representatives.

 R2 is a sports equipment brand. It sets trends in sports glasses, dominates sales in cycling helmets, and also comes up with new products and technological innovations every year. In its history, R2 was represented by, for example, Aleš Loprais, Ondřej Cink, or paralympian Jiří Ježek or triathlete Tomáš Řenč. In its philosophy, R2 also supports lesser-known, sports-dedicated individuals who fulfill the R2 motto "RIDE YOUR RACE". The products of this brand are popular and widely used among MTBO racers. Glasses enable perfect reading of terrain and maps, and helmets ensure safety in the event of a collision.

 GreenLog, a logistics company from Jičín, has a four-leaf clover for good luck in its logo. It is a company where everyone knows each other very well and regardless of their job position, they help and accommodate each other. Together they fight for the first places, just like competitors in any orienteering discipline - but it's not just a sport, it's a lifestyle.

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