Where to eat and drink while in Jičín for world champs?

As you hopefully have booked a place to stay during the championships, we are here to recommend you places to eat in Jičín (and around). Locals approved! Although Jičín is a small town, it surprisingly has a lot to offer. But better go for a tour when the city is no longer under the embargo. (Photo: Café Všehochuť Jičín)

The range of cafes is astounding:

  • Všehochuť - cakes, macaroons, soup of the day and breakfast until 14:00
  • Bistro Food Shop - best coffee (to go, or to drink on foot) and a variety of Italian specialities to buy and bring home
  • Café-café - aside, on the so-called Ryneček, ideal if you are looking for peace
  • Bond café - great coffee and cakes right under the Jičín Gate
  • Café Loggie - a pleasant trip destination at the end of the linden avenue
  • Café Republika - have a coffee in the premises of the former prison
  • Fortna Café - a place with a beautiful yard
  • Amos Café - a place where local artists exhibit
  • Zajíčkův vinný bar - very special interior, worth a peek
  • Bar Valdštejn - good & modern drinks
  • Kafe pod vinicí - beautiful place in vineyard outside Jičín in a small town called Železnice, accessible by bike
  • Ice-cream shops - piles of ice cream right at the Jičín Gate

Invite yourself here for lunch or dinner:

Grocery shopping:

Lidl, Kaufland, Billa, TescoPenny Market - supermarket with the usual assortment

We sincerely hope that Jičín will treat you well and that you will leave satisfied - either with medals or "just" with pleasant memories of a small town in the middle of the Bohemian Paradise. For more interesting information and tips visit www.jicin.org. For information about drinks and food, go HERE.

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