WMTBOC in Jičín will be remembered as top event, IOF Adviser says

As mentioned last time, final year of preparations has been kicked off during summer. Very experienced IOF Adviser Magnus Wallenborg, who advised for example very recent and decent championship in Denmark, 2019, visited Jičín and all event locations. "As an Event Adviser for the WMTBOC in Jičín in Czech Republic I feel confident that the Championship will be remembered as a top event," he wrote.





According to Wallenborg, the City of Jičín with its surroundings has a lot to give as the arena for the champs. The town is beautifully situated nestled between cultivated landscapes and forested areas at a reasonable distance from Prague. And the city center with its main square is inviting both for those looking for cultural experiences or a cooling drink in the shade. For start you can check out your options at Jičín's tourist information office.

"The Czech people are friendly and open-minded and willingly go out of their way to take care of guests. Not least when it comes to creating various events and drawing attention to sporting achievements. During the time I have been in Jicin, I have noted that the participants will get to experience different areas from flat to hilly and different types of terrain depending on the competition distance, and they will be put to the test both when it comes to orienteering skills and physical skills. Get ready to perform at your peak and experience all that Jičín, which is located in the immediate vicinity of Czech paradise, has to offer," Wallenborg added.

In the meantime, the organizing team is gathering information about both cycling and non-cycling activity possibilities before and after the WMTBOC. So, if you are looking for some specific information, let us know, we can dig them out for you.

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