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The World Championship in Mountain Bike Orienteering (MTBO) will take place on 20-26 August in Jičín, Mostek, Jabkenice and Nová Paka. A total of 236 competitors from 25 countries, 54 women, 88 men, 37 juniors and 57 juniors, will fight for the most valuable medals in five races. We are honored to welcome journalists, photographers, videographers and social media content creators from around the world to all four arenas.


If you are interested in participating in the World Championship, please send your application to the email musilova@wmtboc2023.cz with the following information:

● Name and surname
● Medium or organization
● Email address
● Phone number
● Photographer/Reporter
● Participation in the media race yes/no

Accreditation is free.


Accreditation can be picked up at the race office until August 20 at 1:00 p.m.


Before the start of the World Championship, all accredited media will receive a bulletin with detailed information about the event.

During the forest disciplines, it will be possible to photograph competitors at the photo control, which will be located within walking distance of the competition center, and to which the accredited photographers will be accompanied by our media coordinator.

During the sprint in Jičín, we recommend taking photos primarily in the finish arena. Photography is not prohibited in the race area, but please ask the media coordinator about the suitability of your chosen location.

At the beginning of each competition day, a short briefing for reporters and photographers will take place in the competition office.

The media service includes:
● access to the media tent with workstations
● electricity
● maps and starting lists
● online transmission (results, TV production, GPS)
● access to photo control and photo spots in arenas
● participation in the VIP/media race


There will be live television production during all races. The broadcast will be broadcast on Czech Television and also worldwide via https://tv.orienteering.sport/ with English commentary. Here is the broadcast schedule:

August 20 TBD
August 22 TBD
August 23 TBD
August 25 TBD
August 26 TBD


The VIP/Media race will be organized on August 20 in Jičín and on August 26 in Nová Paka.

● Registration will take place in the Media office (for media), VIP areas (for VIPs).
● The start will be from 16:30 to 18:00.
● SI chips will be available in the Media and VIP tents
● The VIP/Media race will use the controls of the elite race, sprint course, and juniors, relay course.


Zdeněk Slezák, zdenaslezak@gmail.com, +420 777 559 319
Vendula Musilová, musilova@wmtboc2023.cz, +420 608 152 170

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