Jičín Terra Felix

Jičín went through its expansion during the reign of Albrecht von Wallenstein, who made it the center of his dominion. Architectonic sights from the 17th century are exceptional and we’ll thanks to him and his flock of Italian architects experience exceptional sprint distance and have romantic surroundings for the whole Championships.

Wallenstein chose Jičín and the region around it as his Terra Felix, meaning "happy country." At a time when Europe was afflicted by the Thirty Years’ War Jičín stepped out of its shadow and for a decade became a seat of power. Many architectonical works which we can admire today were in the process - Wallenstein’s palace, the suburban pleasure palace Wallenstein Loggia in Valdice with a great Linden Alley, two monasteries were established, a grammar school, and a new suburb for craftsmen was developed. There were even plans to establish a diocese and a university. However, the famous era ended with Albrechtes death in 1634 and those plans weren’t realized.

At the WMTBOC, you'll get to experience the stunning architecture that was constructed during this period. Albrecht von Wallenstein, a wealthy and powerful figure in the Holy Roman Empire circa 1630, will personally greet all participants at the opening ceremony. 

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