Thank you, partners - part 3

Dear athletes and fans of the Mountain Bike Orienteering World Championships 2023, in this third of a series of articles, allow us to introduce you to some more partners of the event and let us thank them for their generous support.

 Haven is a Czech brand of sportswear and cycling and outdoor equipment that is already on the market for 18 years. Haven is a partner of the Czech MTBO Cup, dresses the Czech MTBO national team, equips the organizers of this year's World Championship and supports sports events throughout the country already for a long time. www.HAVEN.cz

 The National Sports Agency (NSA) as the central administrative body of the state administration of the Czech Republic is gradually taking over from the Ministry of Education and Culture the area of providing support in sports in the Czech Republic. Its goal is to achieve a harmonious sports environment that will nurture successful top athletes representing our country abroad, but also support recreational athletes for whom movement is a relaxing activity that complements their studies or work. www.agenturasport.cz

 The Secondary School of Gastronomy and Services is part of the varied offer of education in Nová Paka. It offers one field of education with a high school leaving exam (Hotel Management) and six fields of education with an apprenticeship (Confectioner, Baker, Cook-Waiter, Food Producer – Malt Brewer, Tailor and Carpenter). It is the carpentry workshop that will prepare the control stands, wooden pegs and also a large logo for the medal ceremonies for this year's Championship. www.ssgs.cz

 The Masaryk Business Academy is a modern public secondary vocational school that can be proud of a long tradition, high prestige and a great reputation. As early as 1922, the original two-year business school was founded in Jičín, the appearance of which was contributed by Jičín architect Čeněk Musil. Volunteers who will come to help organize the Championship will be accommodated in the school premises. www.moa-jc.cz

 Law firm Novotný & Partners, s.r.o. has been providing services since 2007, particularly with an emphasis on comprehensive consulting for commercial companies and civil law. The World Championship is taking place in our city, so we cannot miss it. We often have to choose the best route to the goal through confusing terrain, just like the MTBO racer. We are honored to emerge from the quagmire of corporate law and support the entire MTBO Championship with our services. www.novotnypartners.cz

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