Watch out for this bandit

We’ve introduced you Rumcajs a bit in one of our previous articles. But we also wanted to drag you a bit more to his world and make sure you will know him because either as an athlete, spectator or delegate, we all will visit his hood during the WMTBOC 2023.

Rumcajs started his career as a local bandit in the years 1967 and 1968. But don’t be scared! Rumcajs is a TV cartoon character whose adventures about becoming a bandit in a forest nearby Jičín happened to be a favorite bedtime stories for children ever since first broadcasted. 

He used to be a shoemaker in Jičín. But he got into a misunderstanding with the local mayor, was banished from the town, and started his life as a kind-hearted bandit in the nearby forest. Since then he was taking from the rich and giving to the poor people of Jičín. 

In later stories, Rumcajs also gets himself a wife named Manka, and later on their son Cipísek joins the family. They live in the region till nowadays and even though you might not see them in the forest, they’ll definitely know about you being in their hood. 

The writer, Václav Čtvrek, grew up in Jičín and that’s why he situated the whole story in this charming town. The artist behind the story is Radek Pilař. You can get to know their work in The World of Rumcajs Play Gallery once the embargoed area is released after the race in the sprint distance. Or you can watch some of the stories on YouTube. 


The most famous bandit in the Czech Republic and his family are heartily looking forward to meeting you.


Photos: www.jicin.org from The World of Rumcajs Play Gallery

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