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Knowing that many national teams are planning to spend more time in the Czech Republic the next year, especially around Jičín, we want to share some trip tips for the free time between trainings and racing. And don't worry, we will leave the embargoed areas far behind.

Not only tourist tips

Tourist guides are full of the main attractions around the event centre in Jičín, or the city information center will gladly advise you about them. But we want to share something more personal with you. That's why we asked members of the Czech national team where their favorite places in are hidden. Read on and make sure you don't miss them.

The Prachov Rocks, photo credit: Martin Kanta

(Foto: Jan Frýba; IG: @honza_fryba)

Of course, the biggest and one of the most beautiful areas in the close neighborhood is Bohemian paradise. This area of 181 km² is full of beautiful sights, nature, rocks, and foot-O maps. Most of our tips are hidden in this area. Before you go on, here is a map with all the places mentioned below, so you don't have to spell all those Czech names.

Martin Kanta, 3rd men of sprint at the last World Cup in Bulgaria, is not only an MTBO rider, but also a rock climbing enthusiast. That’s why his favorite place are the Prachov rocks. This breathtaking sandstone rock town is loved by rock climbers throughout history. But you can enjoy this place even if you don’t like to tempt gravity. There are many paths for walks between the rocks and lookout points to oversee the whole area from above. Martin also suggests making a stop in Turistická chata Prachov, aka Turbáza, where they have a good beer and from time to time good musical events. Wondering through the Prachov rocks likes also Rozálie Kuchařová, junior turning U23 in 2023, who calls Jičín her hometown. 

The Prachov Rocks, photo credit: Martin Kanta

(Foto: Jan Frýba; IG: @honza_fryba)

Marie Kamarytová, bronze medalist in relays from the World Championships in Sweden, likes to go for bike rides around the village of Hrubá Skála. But she also points out she has the best memories from foot-O trainings she did in various places around the Bohemian paradise. A fun course through the rocks is certainly one of the most joyful experiences you can have around here. And there's a plenty of maps, too. In the end, that’s why this region t is so popular not only among Czech orienteers. 

The coach of the national team, Jiří Vraný, likes to go for a ride on a road bike on the road from Troskovice through Hrubá skála to Vyskeř and Kacanovy. It is a nice winding road. For an MTB ride he suggest beautiful valleys under Trosky castle. Specifically around ponds Nebák, Vidlák, Věžák, and there is more.

The same area as Jiří likes also Vendula Musilová another athlete living in Jičín. She shares her favorite bike loop in Bohemian Paradise starting in Rovensko pod Troskami and Borek rocks (Borecké skály), along a peat bog Vidlák, a must see point of a rock gate (Pekařova brána), then you can make a pit stop in a pub Křenovský šenk. Those fancying some more climbing can go back to the starting point over Trosky castle instead around. Here you have a map where you can see it clearly. Another place Vendula likes is near castle Valečov. Small rooms carved into the rock used to be houses inhabited almost until the end of the 19th century. So only about 130 years ago.

Pekařova Brána, photo credit: Honza Frýba

(Foto: Jan Frýba; IG: @honza_fryba)

"Wherever you go in the Bohemian Paradise it’s beautiful," says Kateřina Nováková, 6th in sprint at European Championship in Lithuania. Except for all the places above she adds a nice short walk nearby Hrubá skála to lookout point Mariánská vyhlídka. Take a look at this trip here. Another place she likes to visit is the gallery of rock reliefs nearby Kopicův statek.

Vojtěch Stránský brings an MTB tip for you. It’s further away from Jičín, but it’s a fun place to visit for sure. 37 km long MTB trail in the area of Kokořínsko named Kokostezky. Webpage of those trails is here. "You can make it in around 2,5 hours. It is ideal for MTBO riders with some technical parts and beautiful terrains," he says.

Kokořín, photo credit: Honza Frýba

(Foto: Jan Frýba; IG: @honza_fryba)
Attention, please 
  • To complete all that tourist guide books tips we want to point out a few places where you need to be careful with the embargoed areas. 
  • First of all, a lovely castle Humprecht stands right in the embargoed area around the town Sobotka. Through town Sobotka also goes the road to another favorite tourist place, the castle Kost and the valley Plakánek right next to the castle. So be careful there. 
  • Another favorite tourist place, the water dam Les Království is damn close to the embargoed area around Mostek. So don’t go far away from there. Skip also the Pecka castle and the windmill Borovnice, as they are in the embargoed area, too.
  • Ruins of the castle Veliš on one of the hills in the logo of our event lay across the road from the embargoed area Raholec.

We hope you'll enjoy your stay in our homeland and don’t hesitate to contact us for more advice.

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